medical practice management dallas tx

Physicians improve their medical office efficiency and profitability with the help of expert practice management consultants.

medical billing and coding

Keep your practice running smoothly and under complete financial control with our consultants' expert billing, coding and collecting assistance.

medical credentialing consultant

We ensure your practice maintains credentials with essential entities like insurance providers, care facilities, IPAs, and licensing organizations.

Medical Practice Management Specialists

Consultants Serving Dallas-Fort Worth Physicians

The ultimate goal of Synergy MSO is to make a doctor’s life easier. Our expertise in medical practice management directly benefits our clients’ practices. Physicians across Dallas-Fort Worth are able to provide the best possible patient care when they rely on Synergy MSO’s knowledge, experience and resources to manage their practice.

We understand that physicians are devoted to providing quality health care for patients, but their overwhelming professional challenges do not stop there. Doctors manage people, processes and paperwork on a daily basis, all while working to build and maintain a profitable practice.  Synergy MSO provides assistance in every area of medical practice management, offering services based on proven industry best practices.

We enhance each individual physician’s capabilities, leading to enhanced results for the entire practice. The resulting myriad of benefits have a positive impact on doctors, their staff members and their patients.

Proven Success in Medical Practice Management

Our consultants have a combined 30-plus years of experience in office management, practice administration, and medical office consulting. We are trained administrators, entrepreneurs, financial managers, compliance advisors and more. Physicians throughout DFW trust us to provide expert services tailors to their exact needs.

Helping Your Practice Reach Its Full Potential

With our experienced leadership and valuable resources, Synergy MSO can effectively assess any medical organization to show physicians exactly what needs to be done to make the practice successful. Our medical practice consulting team will design systems and procedures to fit each individual practice.

While physicians may excel in their medical specialty, our medical practice management team has hands on experience in medical office management, credentialing, billing, administration, marketing and consulting. We are the added ingredient physicians need to create an efficient, profitable practice in Greater Dallas.

To talk to our medical practice management consultants, contact Synergy MSO online or call 214-550-1469.

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