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Medical Marketing Unique to Your Practice

Medical Marketing Programs

Marketing is an important part of expanding and growing any business, and medical practices are no different. Essentially, the goal of medical marketing programs are to attract new patients while retaining current patients. Marketing your practice is also a component of practice management, with regards to reputation managing. You want potential patients to know that your practice is not only trustworthy but that it’s the place that they want to receive healthcare servMedical Marketingices. But, how do you do this?

Start With a Plan

One of the most crucial steps one can take in marketing a medical practice is to start with a plan, but unfortunately, this is often one of the most overlooked steps. Having a solid marketing plan in place before you start a marketing campaign is proven to be more successful than just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. When creating your marketing plan, consider what type of patients you’re trying to attract. Do you have an area of expertise that you’d like to highlight? Do you want your practice to be known for a particular service? By figuring these things out ahead of time, you’re more likely to attract the types of patients you’re looking for.

Partner With a Professional

Because building a successful practice takes time and focus, many physicians turn to consulting services for assistance. This frees up time for physicians so that they can better take care of patients and run their practice. A marketing firm can handle virtually all aspects of a marketing campaign for you, from the initial inception of brand ideas on through to operational reporting and facilities management.

Get Online

How much do you know about blogging and social media? A great deal of marketing these days takes place online because that’s where patients are. Whether someone is looking up information about a specific medical condition or just browsing stories on Facebook, you need to get your practice in front of them. To do this, you’ll need to use a targeted strategy that focuses in on potential patients who are seeking healthcare services. Once again, this is where partnering with a marketing firm can come in handy.

In Dallas, TX, physicians who need a marketing partner that understands healthcare turn to Synergy MSO. Synergy MSO offers a variety of healthcare marketing and management solutions, and its experts can help your practice to be seen by the right potential patients in your specific region, across Texas or the entire country.

To learn more, call 214-550-1469

What to Consider in a New Practice Setup

The Process of Any New Practice Setup

New Practice SetupSo, you’ve finally decided to strike out on your own and open a medical practice of your very own – but now what? Like starting any type of business, there are many considerations involved in the process. In fact, many new businesses fail because the people that are involved failed to take the time necessary to create a solid plan of action. Below are some things to consider for any type of new practice setup:

Organize From the Start

Organization is everything when beginning the process of creating a new medical practice. Find a way that works for you to organize everything from your schedule to paperwork. This may include using a calendar and filing system or it may include drawing up a flowchart of things that need to happen in sequence for your practice to get off the ground. However you choose to do it, just make sure you are able to keep up with all of the information.

Bring in Outside Help

It’s also a good idea to rely on others during a new practice setup. Some physicians and specialists choose to partner with other medical professionals during the process of starting a practice, while others choose to go solo and bring in consultancy firms. There are a number of benefits associated with relying on others, including shared responsibility and the ability to attract new patients or bring along current patients from another practice. Whenever you decide to bring in someone else, be it another medical professional or a consultant, always document any and all agreements.

Your Marketing Plan

Once you’ve got your practice open, you’ll need to have a solid marketing plan. This may include the use of advertising campaigns in your local area or it may include creating press releases to announce your new practice or new things taking place at your practice. Keep in mind that the marketing process can be long, arduous, and complicated, so it’s often best to rely on a medical marketing company to handle this aspect of your practice. A medical marketing company can ensure that your new practice is seen by potential patients in your local area using print and online resources.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a new medical practice, or if you’ve recently gone through a new practice setup and you’re not quite sure whether you’re on the right track, contact Synergy MSO in Dallas, TX. Synergy MSO provides a variety of consulting services for physicians and medical facilities, including financial reviews and, medical billing, and medical practice management.

To contact Synergy MSO, call 214-550-1469.

Financial Review: Are Your Finances in Order?

Why Financial Awareness is Essential to a Successful Practice

Running a successful medical practice requires a number of things, but one of the most crucial and overlooked aspects of doing so is your practice’s finances. Far too often, medical facilities find themselves so busy with other aspects of running day-to-day operations that fiscal responsibility falls by the wayside, and many practice owners wake up one day to find that the practice has become insolvent. In addition, not conducting any kind of thorough financial review for the medical practice can eventually lead to lessened patient satisfaction. Equipment and supplies that have to be put on hold due to a lack of funds means that patients may not be able to receive the quality of care that they should, and this not only affects their health care, but it also can affect your practice’s reputation.

It’s About More Than Just the Facility

Financial ReviewWhat’s also important to realize when considering the finances of your practice is that it’s about more than just the facility itself. While keeping up with things such as supplies, equipment, patient fees, and insurance billing is important, you also need to consider things such as medical malpractice insurance costs, employee pay, compensation plans, and commercial liability insurance. Unfortunately, many physicians and practice managers simply don’t have the time to keep up with all of this information each day, leading to money falling through the cracks.

What Can Be Done?

One of the best ways to remedy the situation is to receive a full financial review from one of our leadership team at Synergy MSO. A financial review is an in-depth look at the ins and outs of your practice’s finances, giving you the chance to see where problem areas might lie or where things could be made more efficient. Our team can offer you insights into all of the finances surrounding your practice, including patient billing, insurance, and supply costs. In many cases, a financial review can help practices that are experiencing financial problems to become more effective at managing money, ultimately allowing them to stay in business and serve patients better.

Financial Review Solutions for Medical Facilities

If you’re concerned about the state of your practice’s finances, Synergy MSO can help. Synergy MSO offers a range of medical practice management solutions, including financial review and medical consulting services, in the Dallas, TX region. Whether you’re unsure of your cash flow or you want to have a more comprehensive view of your medical billing procedures, Synergy MSO can get you headed in the right direction.

To get started and gain peace of mind, contact Synergy MSO at 214-550-1469 today.

Selling or Merging a Practice and Services?

Know WHEN and WHY to Sell or Merge Your Practice and Services

With the current economy still unstable and the Affordable Care Act causing panic among some in the medical community, more and more physicians are considering selling or merging their practices and services. While doing this can certainly be beneficial, if it’s not done right, you could end up costing yourself financially and in terms of your reputation as a medical professional. Below are some considerations to keep in mind if you are thinking of selling or merging your practice or services:

Selling or Merging a Practice and Services

Your Reason

First and foremost, you need to think about the actual reason you want to sell or merge. Have you considered all available solutions? Is your reason a financial one that could be solved in some other way? Are you wanting to merge in order to provide better patient care? Determining your reason before making any decisions is crucial to the success of a sale or merger.

Start Planning

Once you’ve determined that a sale or merger is the best course of action, you should begin planning. Planning before taking any type of action can greatly affect your odds of success or failure. This means determining what your strategy will be, even if you don’t have a specific partner in mind or if you do not have a potential buyer lined up. Do you need to get rid of the practice as soon as possible or can you wait? Do you want to merge with a practice that offers a specialty in order to add to your current offerings or are you interested in a similar practice for expansion? During your planning, it would also be a good idea to consult with a member of our medical consulting team for added assistance.

Document Everything

Throughout the process of a sale or merger, you need to document everything. From the first meeting with a potential partner through to the last day that the practice is yours alone, you need to keep records of all decisions, and these records need to be signed and available to all involved parties. Failing to keep accurate records, such as medical billing during the transition, could cause your entire deal to go wrong when you least expect it, so ensure that everything taking place is communicated clearly and agreed upon before taking any action.

Interested in Selling or Merging?  Synergy MSO Can Help

As a medical practice management and medical consulting firm in Dallas, TX, Synergy MSO is available to help physicians sell or merge their practice and services. The experienced professionals at Synergy MSO can guide you through each step of the process, making things easy and efficient. With your specific goals in mind, Synergy MSO can help you to craft a strategic plan of action that will give you the best outcome.

To learn more, contact Synergy MSO today at 214-550-1469.



Medical Practice Management: Seeking the Right Person for the Job

Dallas Consultants at Synergy MSO Offer Tips on Medical Practice Management

Providing great health care services all boils down to employing the right people, but what many healthcare facilities overlook is the fact that finding the right people often isn’t enough. Instead, it’s essential to find the right people for the job. What this means is matching up staff members to positions for which they are best suited, not only in experience or education, but also in other factors. Below are some criteria to consider when looking for the right person for the job:


A staff member’s personality plays a huge role in how patients receive and perceive care. As a result, matching personalities to positions is crucial. For example, a front desk coordinator will likely need to be someone who is outgoing, understanding, patient, and inviting. Even if you come across a candidate for a front desk coordinator position who has years of experience, if they don’t have the right personality, they won’t be the best person for the job. Likewise, if a physician has been educated at the best schools in the country, yet he isn’t able to offer understanding and compassion for patient needs, he will likely not be the best person for the job.  Our medical staff recruitment specialists at Synergy MSO are able to help clients put the right people in the right place to keep a practice running smoothly, boost profits and encourage growth.


Medical Practice Management

Along with personality, communication skills are a must for candidates seeking to join a healthcare facility. Communicating with patients is a critical part of ensuring that excellent care is provided, and this also means everyone at a facility needs to be able and willing to answer patient questions, or at the very least, direct patients to the person who can answer specific questions. Communication among staff members is also important in providing great patient care. If one physician does not understand the facility’s scheduling process and the front desk coordinator does not understand the physician’s schedule, patients will suffer.

Contact Synergy MSO to Learn More About Seeking the Right Person for the Job

If your medical practice is having a hard time finding the right people for the right positions, or if you would like to have an independent partner review your current staffing situation, contact Synergy MSO in Dallas, TX. Synergy MSO offers a wide range of healthcare facility and practice management services, and its experts can ensure that your entire staff is working efficiently and effectively.

To get started on improving the performance of your practice and increasing the level of care you’re offering to patients, call Synergy MSO today at 214-550-1469.

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